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Krämer GmbH was founded from Dieter Krämer in 1972. His daughter Petra bought the company in 1993 and leads it since then.


This little company is a giant in packaging.

KRÄMER PACKAGING Petra Krämer works since almost 24 years successful as a business women.



Our protection covers are made of soft PVC film (plane style), they are clean and not grinded. The supplier is market leader, where the product is under permanent inspection in their own labs.

Our big advantage is high flexibility and a high proximity to our customers.




The boss starts at 6 a.m., leaves about 7 p.m. and is regularly working at the output.
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„ I am a businesswoman for conviction. But, as a woman, it’s not always easy.
You have to give more than 100% performance permanently, and you’ll have always to know about the topic, says Petra Krämer. For more than 24 years she’s leading the company of her parents Dieter and Renate Krämer, which has been founded in 1972.
At the production site in Katternberger street, she produces many types of packagings and serves customers in Solingen, Germany and as well as abroad.
In this little company are working: besides the owner 3 women as production assistants and one man as a cutter. Currently, there are not less than 4512 different designs on offer. Krämer packaging cover scissors, tweezers, knives, rasps, pliers, surgical instruments and drills.
Base material is always brand new PVC, which is supplied since foundation by DRAKA, a daughter company of SOLVAY. The raw material (foil) comes in over 40 colours, as well as crystal clear on 130cm wide roles, and a have a length of each 65 to 100 meters. Depending on the length of the packaging, any of them is produced to the customers requirements, two in the width identic pieces get cut off.
The remaining shorter roles get tighten on a machine, and get heat-sealed by a 3-second “high frequency impuls”.
This happens exactly in that contour, which is forced through a brass-electrode. 1200 of such electrodes are on permanent stock. 1000 welding cycles per hour achieves the machine. Up to six packagings can be genereated in one cycle. The release happens manually. If desired from a customer, a labeling, stamping or punch hole  can be done on separate machines accordingly.

As the owner, Petra Krämer is not only responsible for the commercial concerns. She also calculates the cut-outs, maintaining and set-up of the machines ( my father led me through a hard school), and last but not least she plans the entire internal operations. That’s why a 13-hour day occurs.
The client base contains meanwhile 410 customers. More than 300 – partially attended by Petra Krämers mother – are located in Solingen. I.e. Zwilling, Jaguar, Dovo, Eicker and K.R. Witte, all famous brands of Solingen. In the company of the last-mentioned Petra Krämer learned her profession (industrial clerk) in the second half of the 70’s.
Further customers are in Belgium, Netherlands, Luxemburg, Israel, Syria, Russia, Latvia, Denmark, Portugal and even in Brasil.
The customers abroad have been acquired by myself, said Petra Krämer proudly.
She never regreted the step into self-employment.

Quelle Auszug Solinger Tageblatt (wpg) 17.02.07